Knee surgery is a thing of the past, the SOLUTION IS STEM CELLS. Ache Institute is now in Texas!

Every year millions of people get injured doing every day activities or high intensity sports, many times they leave consequences that cause unbearable pain and discomfort, which could only be treated with risky surgeries. Surgeries that do not ensure a painless recovery, in addition to being expensive.

However, new treatment methods have now emerged from innovative clinics. For example, Ache Institute, Tel 8329303589 a clinic run by Dr. García Jacques that performs cortisone treatments and stem cell treatments, undoubtedly great alternatives to surgery.

Ache Institute’s goal is to return the power to the patient so that they regain control of their world that has been diminished by pain. It’s time to start on the journey towards your well-being, in which you will be accompanied by the specialists of the Ache Institute.

ACHE Institute of Houston is committed to providing genuine, proven methods of pain relief while guiding you toward a healthier lifestyle. With the experience of Dr. García Jacques we assure

you that the pain will disappear thanks to the personalized treatment for each patient; It will leave you like new.

“We create the right treatment for each patient. To create the right plan, we focus on accurately diagnosing your condition and investigating what factors are contribute to your specific ailments”

One of the main functions of Cortisone is to decrease inflammation. It does this by preventing

the white blood cells (polymorphonuclear leukocytes) that prevent infection from moving to the area of inflammation in the body. It also decreases the swelling around tumors. For example, by decreasing inflammation in tumors in the spine, brain, or bone, it can reduce tumor pressure on nerve endings and relieve pain or other symptoms caused by tumor pressure.